Is Cataract Surgery The Only Answer?

I’ve spent more than 30 years exploring the varied dimensions of eye health, and, fortunately, during that time I have seen many positive changes in eye care.

For example, thirty years ago, everyone believed that cataracts were inevitable. Now, research is showing that diet and nutritional supplements can play a role in reducing the chances of developing cataracts – and even in helping to stabilize them.

Martin Sussman
Thirty years ago, it was virtually impossible to find an eye doctor who had a holistic approach to eye care.

Cataract surgery costs about $3-4,000 an eye. Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in the United States. Paying for cataract surgery is Medicare’s #1 expenditure, with approximately 1.3 million cataract surgeries paid for each year.

All of these facts and figures demonstrate two things:

  1. Everyone agrees, and the facts seem to confirm, that cataracts are an inevitable result of growing older.
  2. A lot of people are making a lot of money in the business of providing cataract surgery and cataract post-surgery care.


Why would any doctor/businessperson in their right mind want to give up the chance to earn more than $3,000 for less than an hour’s worth of work and instead recommend an alternative that would dramatically reduce his income, save the government billions of dollars a year and naturally prolong the eyesight of the aging population?

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  1. Pat Slattery says:

    Last year I could not drive the car at night. I had 90% cataract in one eye and a beginning cataract in the other. I run a gifted education business that means I have to drive to schools regularly. It was a worry. I found the Better Vision website online and ordered a 6 month supply. I noticed the difference on the 4th day but then I had a terrible headache and reading the label found thiamine nitrate and I am totally sensitive to nitrates. A naturopath at the cutting edge of healing, told me about the research showing that praising the tablets could make some of them them match your own vibrations. She said the EyeMax was appropriate for me. She showed me how and from then on I have been able to take 2 or maybe 3 tablets a day. The weak eye is starting to take up its load again and be involved in my vision. I’m very happy. I praise and thank each new bottle when I open it and have no problem. My spouse is now taking them too and at 75 is feeling more energetic.

  2. I wish there were more genuine research on cataracts. The eyemax did not help me a bit, nor did the nutritional expert recommended by you tome – we went to NJ to try that also, and it did not help my eyes. My eyes are steadily getting worse, albeit slowly.Sooner or later I think I will ahe to succumb to getting my real eyes dug out adn replace dwith a piece of plastic.

    • Kenn says:

      I did a massive research project on Cataracts and I have it on a PDF file. Anyone who wants a copy of it just E-mail me and I’ll send it to you. Kenn (

      • Martin Sussman says:

        If your research contains information about non-surgical methods, I’d like to see it. Email to

      • Barbara says:

        Kevin, please send me your file. I have one more appointment with Houston Eye doctor before surgery. Now I am having second thoughts. I am 76 years old in pretty good health and would like to know if I can wait on cataract removal and possibly not have it at all. The doctor also said I had a very small one in my left eye. Thanks

        • Claja99 says:

          Barbara, I could have written your post myself. I am in the Houston area. I am 75. And I have an appointment on March 19, 2012 to have measurements taken in preparation for cataract surgery. If I can dissolve my cataracts without surgery, I want to learn how! NOW!

          If you got answers to your questions, please share them with me.

          • Martin Sussman says:

            The closer a person is to absolutely needing cataract surgery, the less likely natural approaches will work to avoid surgery. On the other hand, many doctors are “too-quick-to-operate” and will almost force their patients into surgery when it is possible to delay it. Ultimately, it’s your choice – and it’s your eyes! – so you have to decide.

            Is your vision such that delaying surgery six months is an option? If so, then take that time to apply natural remedies and see where you are in 6 months and then re-evaluate.

  3. Minoru Inada says:

    You said in your previous “Cataract Healing” that ‘Similasan” is a good enough eye drop. I used it for 5-6 months. But it hardly helped. I have then been using “Ethos Bright Eyes” (Made in England) for about 3months. It has cleared my clound in my right eye just somewhat, but fretfully slow. I have just taken one bottle of “Eyemax Plus”. I am not sure it is helping me or not. Can I still keep up my hope for cleared eye without a surgery?

    • Martin Sussman says:

      Whether you can or cannot avoid cataract surgery depends on how advanced your cataracts are and how able you are to put off the surgery while you see the results of natural approaches.
      The first step of natural cataract healing is that the decline in vision is slowed. If that is happening for you, then you are headed in the right direction. The next step is that the decline is stopped. The doctor who originally developed EYEMAX-plus suggested that at least 4-6 months was necessary to see that.

  4. Nina Arouni says:

    I’m Nina fourty years old. I have posteior subcapsular cataract in the left eye. what can I do without surgery

  5. I am on my first bottle of EYE MAX Plus. I don’t know with the above cements if this will work or not but will keep u informed
    My right eye is said to have a bad cataract and hard to see distance but can read up close and see colors brightly. So I am thinking the lens is thicken and might have floaters but as far as I can tell there is no cloudiness I don’t even think the doctor looked very close to see just what was wrong.
    So I am hoping in 4 to 6 months I can see better. I do see well enough to drive thank God. So I hope you people out there will write more positive remarks about this product and give a few of us more hope..

  6. D B Harrison says:

    After retinal repair with gas, the cataract that developed
    from this surgery . How would you advise managment
    to reverse it. ?? thanks

    • Martin Sussman says:

      When your vision is in poor health, your eyes will get one problem after another. It’s the doctor’s job to fix problems. It’s your job to promote eye health.
      The right nutritional supplements, the right diet, the right exercises and the right attitude are the four areas to focus on.

  7. Is EYEMAX-plus kosher?

  8. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  9. Jena Elridge says:

    This blog is bookmarked! I really love the stuff you have put here.

  10. ANNIE says:

    Hi there I have been looking for content like this for a research project i am working. Greetings fr0m Oklahoma

  11. river cataracts says:

    I have been visiting this site a lot lately, so i thought it is a good idea to show my appreciation with a comment. Thanks!

  12. susan says:

    will this formula work on bad cataract and one just forming

    • Martin Sussman says:

      EYEMAX-plus is not a cure and it is not medicine. Instead it works to build up your eyes’ health by giving your eyes and body the nutrients they need for optimal health.
      Of course, the best thing to do is to prevent a cataract from beginning by starting EYEMAX-plus sooner. Once a cataract has started forming, different people experience different results: Some stabilize, keep it from getting worse and avoid the need for surgery. Others watch they doctors test their eyes and find that the cataract decreases in size, or disappears altogether.

  13. John Turner says:

    SIRS, If your claims were true, I’m sure the government would have taken steps by now to see to it that this information was available to the general public, and would also take steps to save health care dollars. The gov’t. isn’y stupid, and niether am I.

    • Martin Sussman says:

      You’re kidding, right?

      How many decades did it take for the government to agree that smoking was dangerous and to take steps to encourage people to quit?

      Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in the United States. Medicare spends more money on that operation than on any other single medical treatment.

      Are there special interests involved? You bet!

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  15. says:

    Thanks for changing this type of hard to understand subject matter into phrases that everyone may understand, you have a gift.

  16. Sue Sterling says:

    Please send me any research you have that would be great. Sue

  17. Susette Hume says:

    What is the right supplements, diet, and exercise to
    help prevent cataract surgery.

    Susette Hume

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    me to visit this website, it consists of valuable Information.

  19. Shosh says:

    Eye Max does not have kosher supervision, so you suggested the vegan supplement, does this have kosher supervision?


  20. angela brumm says:

    send info on cataracts research

  21. jeroen rogiers says:

    I’m very interested in the research you have done

  22. Susan Nowak says:

    I just had a eye exam in July 2013 and renewed my reading glasses prescriptions. dr. said my eyes were clear.
    I have always had trouble with night driving. One morning January 2014 I woke up and there was a slight blurring in my left eye. I am Ok except it really bothers me in sunlight. My GP thinks it is stress and did a CT scan (normal)
    I saw and ophthalmologist yesterday and felt like I was on an assembly line. I saw 4 people in four different room with a waiting room in between.
    They say I have cataracts and set me up for surgery 4-29-14 for the first eye. June for the second.
    WHOA-slow down! I am 60 years old and battling my second cancer.
    First, I am going back to my optometrist who said my eyes were clear 9 months ago. (I have been seeing him for 20 years and trust him) I will bring him a copy of the suggestions on this website. I personally believe that vitamins are very beneficial and, if all my doctors concur, I will try the vitamins first.
    I agree surgery should not be the first option.

  23. Christian says:

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  24. victoria bidwell says:

    kenn, please send your pdf research on cataracts to me… thank you very much, victoria

  25. Martin Sussman says:

    As long as you give appropriate credit and a link back to this blog.

  26. Martin Sussman says:

    Yes you can use some of the content as long as you link back

  27. Martin Sussman says:

    Go to this link and sign up. You’ll get access to it:

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