Warning Signs of Cataracts

February 1, 2012 | Cataract Healing, Cataract Treatment

So, you wonder, how do you know that you might be in the early stages of developing a cataract? Are there warning signs?

There are.

But since cataracts develop over time, the signs may be subtle; they may be things that you notice with your vision that you haven’t connected to anything ? yet.

For instance, you might suddenly discover feeling that the sun has become too bright or, at night, have difficulty seeing in low light and feel the need for the room to be brighter to read comfortably. Or, driving at night, you start experiencing sensitivity to the glare from headlights where they never bothered you before.

Here are some of the characteristics of cataracts:

* Clouded, blurred or dim vision (the lens cannot focus light properly)
* Excessive glare from bright lights
* Double images (distorted images) in one eye
* Colors not as bright as they used to be
* Poor night vision (halos around lights)
* Frequent prescription changes for eyeglasses or contacts.

If you are experiencing any of these, get an eye exam to find out what’s going on. Your eye doctor can see if there is any discoloration of the lens, which is another warning sign of a cataract.

Since research on cataracts clearly suggests that one major factor is nutritional deficiencies, a dietary and supplement approach is clearly an option, regardless of what your doctor may or may not think.

If you haven’t been able to prevent cataracts, early detection and response to cataracts may be the difference between suffering vision loss and needing surgery and keeping you vision for the rest of your life.

So pay attention to your vision and don’t hesitate to see your eye doctor if you have any concerns.

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  1. fred says:

    I was diagnosed as having very early signs of cataract in both eyes.
    It’s about 4 years since my last spectacle change, when it decreased from +3.75 to +3.25. I use glasses for close and computer work, with a little close distance thrown in.
    Yesterday, I had another eye test as I was finding the glasses were not doing a good job – I didn’t need to use them much at all except for reading, computer and some very close work. Test proved my prescription has decreased even more to +50 and +2.25 now!! that’s when I was told my the optometrist that I was in very early stage of cataracts.
    Can I take any natural remedies to prevent surgery and stop the cataracts from advancing? I am not diabetic, a bit of genetic cholestrol – not bad as triglycerides are OK. Can you give me any answers please?

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