Cataracts Get Better Without Surgery for These People

January 7, 2013 | All Posts, Cataract Healing, Cataract Surgery, Cataract Treatment

Cataract surgery is the most often performed surgery in the United States – but not everyone wants it, and certainly would delay or avoid the surgery -? if they could maintain good vision without it.

That’s the purpose of this blog:

To give you the information and tools for promoting healthy vision that can make a difference to your sight.

Sure, conventional wisdom suggests that once you’ve got cataracts, you’re probably on the road to surgery – no matter what you do.

But this isn’t necessarily so.

For decades researchers have been studying ways to prevent, stabilize and reverse cataracts, thereby delaying – or completely avoiding – the need for cataract surgery.

Listen to what these people have experienced once they started to take a more active role in promoting the health of their eyes.

Not Bad for 84 Years Old!
?My eyesight is not getting any worse. Colors are much brighter. At my last exam, I asked the doctor, what about my cataracts? ?Not bad for an 84 year old,’ he said. I was so pleased. The last two exams before that they had recommended surgery.?
Elizabeth D., Shelbyville, Michigan *

Cataracts ? GONE!
?About two years ago I went to an ophthalmologist. After examining me he told me that I was developing cataracts. The one in my right eye was further along, but when it came time for surgery I would have to have both done as I am extremely nearsighted, and have been since birth.
?I asked him about the beneficial aspects of nutrition in a situation such as this and frankly he was not enthusiastic. I read constantly, and was concerned about the diagnosis, so I went home and did research. ? When I returned to the ophthalmologist 9 months later, he said that the cataracts had not progressed – that they had not gotten worse.
?Last winter I was in Alabama and went to another eye doctor. He is very thorough and listened to my concerns. He carefully tested me, and when he told me the results I was ecstatic! He could see NO sign of cataracts! I asked him how this was possible and he was not sure… Especially as he did not have the other doctor’s charts, but he did not see any sign. I asked him about nutrients for the eyes, and he was much more receptive than the other doctor.?
Mitzi S., Fort Plain, New York *

Definite Improvement
?I noticed a definite improvement in my eyesight, especially being able to see with my left eye that has a cataract.?
D. Ellebracht, Capistrano Beach, California *

Doctor Can’t Find Cataracts Any More
?I had cataracts and was told I needed surgery. That was two years ago. I just had a vision check ? no cataracts and 20/20 vision!?
Bob K., Lake Tapps, Washington *

Cataracts Stabilized
?My cataracts have more or less stabilized to the point that I’m not getting worse every three or four months like I used to.?
Liana F., Hollywood, California *

How can these people defy the normal, the expected, the conventional?

It all began because they took it upon themselves to search out what could help them – instead of merely resigning themselves to vision that gets worse and worse.

When you start to think outside the box, then you start to look outside the box, and then you start to see outside the box!

See our earlier posts: Vitamin Deficiencies as a Cause of Cataracts, When to Operate, When to Wait, and Nutrition and Cataracts: This Eye Quiz Can Save Your Sight.


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Comments (6)


  1. Bonnie says:

    Would like to know if anyone that is taking Eyemax has seen any improvement in the halos around the lights at night.

  2. Brian Adams says:

    Have been taking Eyemax supplements for over 3 mionths now without any sign of improvement. what is disturbing is that they are causing intense itching of the body and a breakout of hives. Any reason for this?

    • Marty says:

      The eye doctor who developed the original EYEMAX-plus formula said that six months is more appropriate amount of time to have the benefits of EYEMAX-plus show up in your system.
      That being said, I have to add two things:

      1. There may already be changes that are happening in your eyes and body that are, as of now, not yet visible to the level that you can see.

      On the other hand, I’ve seen people using EYEMAX-plus for two years or so before seeing measurable benefits.

      2. There are factors that effect your eyes. Dietary and lifestyle issues, any medication side effects, overall physical health and mental stress and positive attitude, to name a few.

      EYEMAX-plus alone may not do the whole trick, depending on each person’s individual circumstance and situation.

    • Marty says:

      The hives and itching, as uncomfortable as they may be, are usually signs of the detoxification process in the body. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water to assist in this flushing process. That’s about 64 – 75 ounces of water a day, for the normal person.

  3. Kathleen says:

    thank you

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